Tuesday, April 24, 2018

UNBOXING! Haribo Goldbears


Today I had to complete a little side project - a video of me taste-testing the purportedly delicious Haribo Goldbears.

In case I'm not the only one who's never heard of this candy, they are German gummy bears.

I recently received a package as a gift from my very enthusiastic co-worker, who claims they are the best candy (in the world maybe?). He definitely claims they are better than the Portuguese donuts I had a few weeks back:

Portuguese donuts from Malasada World in Cambridge, Ontario.

(I'm pretty sure he's NEVER tried these donuts...)

So, while I know most of you are waiting for Part 2 of yesterday's post, I needed to take a little break and share with you my experience of taste-testing Haribo Goldbears candy.

My video quality sucks. Next time I'll set up the Gorillapod with my iPhone. Nice work, Lenovo craptop.

Here we go... Sarah's unboxing video. Tell me in the comments - have you tried the German gummy bears? Do you like them better than the American ones?

Full disclaimer... I *may* have eaten a whole bunch of these gummies after my video (as in... my tongue is sore now!). Also, Kinsey likes them a lot. I had to hide the rest of the package. I haven't even told Gwyneth about them. I might let Ian have some. As long as he leaves me the pineapple and lemon ones.

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